Active Tots at Home

Looking for ways to keep your little one active at home? Take a look at our Active Tots at home pages for useful hints, tips and app suggestions.

Staying active at home

Lots of different activities can count towards children's daily physical activity total and one of the best environments for children to be active is at home.

It is important to remember that children are more likely to do physical activities if they see others doing so. You can encourage children to take part in activities by getting involved yourself.

In this section you'll find different activity ideas with apps and videos.

Early Years Apps

Videos to get you active at home

Tummy Time

Interactive floor and tummy time is important to make neck and shoulder muscles stronger so your infant can start to sit up, crawl and walk.

Drawing and wand play

Let your toddler get creative with drawing, wand play and scribbling on walls and slabs with chalk!


Fitting the pieces in to a jigsaw provide physical and problem solving skills whilst learning patience and reward when they complete it.

Kimble's Music & Movement & Funky Feet Music


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Have you ridden

Wash your hands

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