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Darcie Platts

Darcie Platts


English Nationals 400m IM

1 day ago

After my last competition at British Nationals I decided to go into this competition with no expectations and simply try my best.

I've been training hard every day with my coach, focusing on my underwater work, turns and streamline positioning.

I swam in heat 4 and was amazed to see I'd taken 9 seconds off my current time and had qualified through to the finals, later that evening, with the quickest qualifying time in the 14 year category.

A rest, some good food, an easy warm up and a hard battle with my nerves as I prepared for my first ever national final!

Focussing hard, after my pre-race chat with my coach, Harry, I gave it my all. I wanted a medal! It was a great race, a battle for a top 3 position, but I did it, I got Silver and another 1 second pb!

Thank you TLT for all your support this season.


Darcie Platts

Darcie Platts


British Nationals

1 day ago


I was very proud to qualify for British nationals in the 100m Backstroke event, for my age.

I attended Ponds Forge, with my sister, on my first ever qualifying national time.

I was extremely nervous about competing at such a high level and whilst I gave it my best, on the day, I didn't manage to pb or make a final. I tried hard not to be disappointed but learn from the event experience and take on board the comments my coach gave me.

A few more weeks of hard training and then ENGLISH NATIONALS.

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