Emma Andrew - Emotive Running

In June 2014 Emma decided to get more active and decided to create a beginner friendly running group in her village to help other beginner runners get moving. After the Sport and Health Manager at her workplace suggested she complete the Leadership in Running Fitness Qualification, The Emotive Running Group was born. Unfortunately in January 2019 Emma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer needing intensive chemotherapy treatment, but this hasn't stopped her, "I aim to get out for a walk every day or a short run – being out in nature is good for the soul and the movement helps me to feel like I am doing what I can to help my body recover from each round."

The running group continue to meet and sometimes Emma joins them for a gentle run or hill reps on Gumley Hill if she is feeling well enough.

"Being active has helped me have some focus each day, something that I can have some control over. Some days are brighter than others and some require just one foot in front of the other to get through the day, hoping that I am getting closer to being cured."

Emma has also helped to set up a community yoga sessions for those effected by cancer and chronic health conditions.

Emma said: "As with anyone that receives life changing news about their health, it is important to seek help from those around you if you are struggling, physically or mentally. The sooner that you seek help, the sooner you can find the right support for you. Don't be afraid to talk."


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