Virtual Unconscious Bias Workshop

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Virtual Unconscious Bias Workshop

This online session aims to raise awareness that we all have biases. It is part of being human and was an important element in protecting us back in the cave days. Today, however, as we have evolved, we should be able to recognise our biases, and therefore change our response to them. By doing this we will become more tolerant of and welcoming to difference.

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Virtual Unconscious Bias Workshop

It will encourage you to become more conscious of your decisions so that you can start to consider what might be getting in the way of you engaging more people in your sessions. No matter what role you have in coaching (helper, assistant coach, head coach, coaching manager) this unmissable session will appeal to you and really get you thinking. By becoming more conscious of the decisions you make and actions you take, you will be taking another important step on the path to becoming a truly great coach.

This session will help you:

- Notice examples of unconscious bias in others

- Consider your own biases, and how these can distort your judgement about the people who come to your sessions.

- Learn strategies to help you become more conscious of your biases so that you can reduce their influence.

- Examine the common types of unconscious bias: affinity bias, confirmation bias and group think.

The course has been awarded 3 CPD points by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

This workshop will be held as an online virtual workshop for Coaches, Team Managers, Club Officers, Teachers, Volunteers.

Cost: £17

Following this workshop, Active Together will be hosting an optional evening virtual (zoom) drop-in session on Tuesday 22nd February from 19:30-20:00. This is your opportunity to discuss open and honestly how you have applied your learning since the workshop took place, develop working relationships with individuals who have attended the same training and what further support you may need to sustained delivery in this area.

If you would like to book onto this free session, please email Luke Green ( to receive your zoom link.




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