Wellbeing at Work Award Application Form (Stage 1)


Please ensure you have read the Wellbeing at Work Charter Guidance and Award requirements by clicking here, before agreeing to work towards the Wellbeing at Work Award.

There are two stages to completing the Wellbeing at Work Award:
1. Submit initial application to begin working towards the Award, including payment of the administration fee. 
2. On approval and receipt of the submission link, submit evidence to demonstrate implementation of the requirements of the Award. This must be completed within 12 months of completing Stage 1. 

If your organisation is confident that they can meet the requirements of the Award, please complete the below form. Organisations must submit all of their supporting evidence within 12 months of signing up to the Award. Recipients of the Award will receive:

- Recognition as an Award recipient on the Active Together website. 
- Certificate and Award Badge to display and include on website/literature. 
- Free place at the Wellbeing at Work annual conference. 
- Free place on a Workplace Physical Activity Champion training session
- Access to the Wellbeing at Work Support Package and online resources 

Please allow 14 days from submission for your application to begin working towards the Wellbeing at Work Award (Stage 1) to be approved. On approval of Stage 1, you will be sent a link to upload your submission evidence (Stage 2, this must be completed within 12 months), as well as a link to access the free suite of Wellbeing at Work online resources. 

Please ensure the form is completed accurately. This will ensure that we do not need to come back to you for clarification and can approve your application quickly.