Sport Coach level 3

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Sport Coach level 3

Permanent, 37 hours per week, term Time only plus attendance on 3 Teacher Days. Additional holiday hours maybe available to support holiday activities

Crown Hill Community College, LE5 5FT
Crown Hills Community College

About Sport Coach level 3


  • Supporting the Sports Academy Lead with the strategic vision and oversight of the sports academy
  • Coaching students within the sports academy to a high level in preparation for local, regional and national competitions
  • Prepare and deliver strength and conditioning programmes to support students
  • Deliver a mentoring programme for students to support their needs
  • Identify and recruit students to the Sports Academy
  • Liaise with additional sports coaches to support the Sports Academy Programme
  • Communicate with key stakeholders
  • Support the planning of enrichment activities to ensure exposure to elite level performance
  • • Monitor and evaluate students' progress on the Sports Academy
  • Accompany students to competitions and fixtures
  • Deliver Physical Education lessons
  • Coach within the extracurricular provision


  • A proven track record of coaching / playing one of the Sports Academy key sports
  • Experience of teaching / coaching students in large groups across various activities
  • Knowledge and understanding of fitness, injury, nutrition and sports science
  • Able to manage a team of coaches
  • Able to train teachers / coaches in coaching techniques and session plans
  • Able to set and manage a budget
  • An understanding of the PE curriculum and how it should be sequenced so that students know more, remember more and therefore are able to do more
  • An understanding of the pedagogy that allows students to know and remember more
  • A clear understanding of the college aims and vision
  • Understand the statutory aspects of education and how they apply in the faculty – SEN Code of Practice, equal opportunities, health and safety etc.
  • Understands the importance of students with EAL and SEND and the need for differentiation at Crown Hills for high expectations of the capabilities of all students, regardless of barriers
  • A good level of IT knowledge to support the monitoring and measuring of physical performance


  • Understands that the pedagogy of teaching should be linked to supporting students to know more, remember more and as a result able to do more. This will allow students to make progress through the curriculum
  • Supports the faculty approach to assessment, both in terms of formative and summative assessment. Uses this to understand the journey through the curriculum that students have and are taking and how teaching needs to adapt (responsive teaching) to address any gaps in knowledge and understanding before moving ahead
  • Sets and works towards challenging targets at aspect of learning level, group and individual level
  • Ensures all plans and expectations are consistently implemented by staff responsible for delivering the aspect of learning • Supports College/Faculty student voice processes and allow students to evaluate learning and influence improvement


  • Works in partnership with parents, having in place an informative process of communication with them.
  • Reports to parents in line with the college's policy
  • Engage with appropriate stakeholders to support the 'hidden' curriculum e.g. British values, cultural capital with the faculty
  • Develops links with others in the community and thus supports the personal development of students
  • Ensures professional links with primary schools, other local secondary schools and FE colleges are created and maintained to aid transition and progression for all students


  • Establishes resources required. Ensures that improvement plans include appropriate costings and that these are made explicit
  • Is responsible for the deployment of resources within the aspect of learning
  • Is responsible for the effective deployment of staff and resources within the faculty, including any faculty administrator, TAs, supply teachers and the setting of cover work
  • Ensures accommodation is safe and encourages learning
  • Is responsible for ensuring that health and safety issues are reported as appropriate and that within the faculty across the site PE facilities, both indoor and outdoor are maintained with H+S guidelines JOB

Additional: There will be some flexibility in the daily hours, for example 2 days per week may include 7.30 start to support the pre-school strength and conditioning programme and finish earlier. 3 days may start later and finish later due to after school fixtures or training.