Taking a dip to support a friend

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Taking a dip to support a friend

Posted: Fri, 23 Dec 2022 12:27 by Mrs Claire Potter

Taking a dip to support a friend

My friend Ruth with whom I was introduced to open water swimming with in September signed herself up to do an open water swim for cancer research and I offered to support her in doing this. As it was so cold on the week before I said that I would go with her and cheer her on but I wasn't sure if I would do it or not. As it happened it warmed up on the day so joined by another friend Clare (who introduced us both to swimming at Stoney Cove South Leicestershire ) came along to support Ruth i found that I couldn't resist going in!

I was very vocal entering the water (almost singing) and my friend videoed me getting in (which is entertaining in itself) and I did 10 mins swimming in around 7 degrees water temperature in my swimsuit. My friend could have stayed in longer but we were being sensible- got out and warmed up quickly, had a celebratory hot chocolate and headed home.

in the afternoon I couldn't help but feel relaxed and proud of myself for doing it, I can't describe what it does to your body but you do feel so good swimming in nature. Next year my aim is to build up to swimming the perimeter of stoney cove (approx 1km) which I'm looking forward to aiming for. If you have ever wanted to do it there are Facebook groups that you can join. you don't need much equipment to start - you can hire a tow float, just your swimming costume.