The highs and lows playing in a bowls competition. Part 2

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The highs and lows playing in a bowls competition. Part 2

Posted: Sun, 04 Dec 2022 20:22 by Mr Colin Wagstaff

The highs and lows playing in a bowls competition. Part 2

Part 2 of my day playing in the DBE Maiden Singles Competition

I felt so good to be playing some of my best bowls for a long time , my last game was against Lisa who I knew from some other games but again 1st time playing against her in singles game, Lisa bowls from her wheelchair and I think it was her 1st time playing at Gedling Indoor Bowls Club so she was finding it hard to find the line and length which can happen if you aren't used to the different carpet speed. The 1 first couple of ends we exchanged shots but once I managed to get ahead Lisa struggled to keep in touch I was playing with so much confidence that I come out on top getting to 15 before the time was up. So I was in the final again, in the other group Colin Smith who was at his home club had also won all 3 group games playing some really good bowls so I knew it was going to be a a very close final game. Going into the game I felt good but in a bit of pain the game started like a chess game very tight and we were only score 1 shot each end then I managed to get Ia 3 shots ahead but Colin hit back and we were 10 - 10 the 4 ends later 13 - 13 so just two needed for the win my first 3 bowls were really good and I was holding 3 shots when Colin with his last bowl managed to hit the jack back to one of his bowls so l had to bowl to save it, as I went to release the bowl I had a flash back to the last time and again it happened I had lost the final 15 - 13. I felt so gutted that I had it then it was gone but Colin had played a great game so well done it was a great day as always and next time ... Hopefully

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