Tomorrow's another day with new opportunities so never give up.

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Meet our Let's Get Moving Champions! Below you will find a wonderful range of stories on how moving more has helped so many of our champions with both their physical and mental wellbeing. From tyre flipping to forestry, we have some fantastic champion stories just waiting to be discovered.

The Let's Get Moving Champions will help us to share the message far and wide that physical activity and moving more is good for you. We hope that by telling their stories about how they stay active, including how they fit activity into their daily lives, what motivates them, and how they have overcome any barriers that might have stopped them from being active, will help show you that we all can move a bit more in our daily lives.

We hope that our Let's Get Moving Champions inspire you, your neighbours and your local communities to get out and move a bit more. However big your goals are, even if you are about to take that first step to moving more, we want to support you along the way. You will also find further tips, advice and local sessions that relates to each of our champion stories.

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Tomorrow's another day with new opportunities so never give up.

Posted: Mon, 06 Feb 2023 16:44 by Mr Colin Wagstaff

Tomorrow's another day with new opportunities so never give up.

On the 14th of January one of my dreams was in touching distance as I was invited to go to the DBE England high performance squad trials held at Desborough IBC , I went hoping I would put on a good display to impress the Selectors unfortunately I put to much pressure on myself and the day went south. And I was so disappointed when I drove home I had a really low feeling that my big chance was there and I had blown it. Then I played in the Ann Trotman Singles competition held in Gedling IBC Nottingham but unfortunately because I was feeling so depressed it was not a great weekend and I decided that I was nowhere near the level of the other classified players and I was just kidding myself about playing for England. But after a good chat with Sandra (my partner) and good friends I decided to keep playing and just get back to enjoying my bowls again it took a few weeks but I decided that it was to easy to quit and your dreams do take hard work to get and there maybe set backs. So Saturday the 6th of February I played in the Disability Bowls England Classified Pairs Competition held at Rugby Thornfield IBC with my partner John Greaves who is in the England squad and I was just hoping I wouldn't let him down as he had asked me to partner him. Our first game was against two very experienced players who both play for England and one had won a medal in the commonwealth games, the game started very tight with only one shot scoring for the first 5 ends but then we managed to take control and to my amazement I was playing really well and so was John so when the hour and a half time limit was up we had won 16 - 7. I felt so good and with John's support and encouragement we went into the 2nd game with a very positive feeling and again we won a great game playing really well together. So we were into the semi finals with the winners going forward to the finals held in Nottingham IBC. We started the game slowly and after 2 ends we were 0 - 5 down but after a few words of encouragement from Sandra and John I started to play with more confidence and we took control of the game and I knew we would have it as long as we kept it tight and luckily we did so we had done it and in the final we will be playing against Chris Gray and Daniel Adams who I have had the great honour of partnering to wins in the past. Can't Wait !!! So from feeling like I had blown my chance and not at the level of others I am feeling so great playing and enjoying games so much more and really looking forward to the future.

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