Meet Angelica

Exercise helped Angelica get through lockdown.

Angelica's Story | Leicester City

As well as being a Wellbeing Advisor for Live Well Leicester I have my own business called Fusions of Fitness and Wellbeing. It's about empowering everyone to stay active. I send positives quotes every day as well as providing the exercise element.

I have been delivering online exercise (about 3 Facebook sessions every day) for the last few weeks. I try not to go overboard and just focus on one form of exercise. It's all about engaging with people of different abilities with lots of adaptions to help.

We have also exercised as a family. My daughter rides her BMX bike to school and I ride it home.

Being active during the COVID-19 lockdown massively helped me and my family. When I wasn't active on Facebook i.e. running sessions, I made the decision to stay active. I can't stress how much it helps me and my endorphins. I have to exercise. It's important to identify what is right for you. I choose to exercise at 7am as this fits in with my life. If time allowed I would do it 3 times a day!