Meet Colin

Playing bowls has helped Colin significantly improve his mental wellbeing.

Colin from Rutland

Colin was born with a physical disability which means he has limitations with his mobility, and suffers with depression. Whilst he was never really into sport growing up, feeling like he couldn't compete at the same standard as non-disabled people, in 2010 he happened to be near the local outdoor bowls club when they were having a practice, and asked to have a try. Realising he was quite good at the sport, and really enjoyed playing, he joined the team. Using a wheelchair on the bowls green and a special stick for balance, it means he can play at the same level as anyone else.

A couple of years later a visiting team member invited Colin to play indoor bowls, so he had a go and subsequently joined his local club. In 2016, after seeing a post on Facebook about disability bowls, he travelled to Nottingham to watch a match, demonstrated his skills, and became a member of Disability Bowls England. Colin believes that the sport of bowls is great for anyone to play and has found that playing has given him the focus that was needed to help his depression.

Colin is now a representative for Disability Bowls England, and has recently been selected for the outdoor Disability Bowls England High Performance Squad and looks forward to gaining his 1st International Cap for England.

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Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

My mum was my biggest inspiration she always told me that despite the fact I was born with a disability I was capable of doing and achieving anything I wanted to do.

Where is your favourite place to be active, and why?

My favourite place to be active is on the bowls green, indoor or outdoors, because while I'm taking part I feel equal to everyone else playing.

For you, what is the best by-product of being active?

When I've played a game of bowls it gives me a lift mood-wise and you get a buzz whenever you play well, or win a competition!

What is your one top tip for others looking to be more active?

Anyone who wants to be more active don't be afraid to try anything and if you enjoy something, go for it! It's so good to feel like you can achieve something, big or small, in a team or on your own, you will feel better physically and, more importantly I think, mentally you'll feel uplifted too.

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