Meet Matt

Matt found routine in running.

Matt's Story | Leicester City

As a pub landlord by trade I was really worried that during lockdown I had become inactive and slip into bad habits. My job is really active, so it was important I replaced all my daily steps with something else.

I started running, first with the NHS Couch to 5k scheme, then continued at my own pace after completing the course to reach my current level of approximately 40k per week split over 5 separate runs – something I have never done before!

My job really puts a demand on my time so to have a period of weeks/months where I did not have a schedule to follow felt very alien to me. Exercise has given me some routine that has help me to structure my life. I was also driven by the fear of looking back on this period without work and having no positives to show for it!

The running has made me feel fit and healthy. I do not get out of breath anymore like I used to! I am also much happier with my body shape. My mental health has improved greatly, and I have found it really helps to reduce any stress and manage my chronic arthritis in my feet and hands (something I was diagnosed with 4 years ago).