Meet Reema

Reema gets her energy from being active.

Reema's Story | North West Leicestershire

Throughout this year, including through the first lockdown, I have been offering Bhangra fitness classes to community groups and ladies through virtual platforms and now face to face classes (with social distancing measures in place).

It was really hard to stop face-to-face classes when the first lockdown began but by explaining to clients how easy it was to stay active at home and showing videos of how easy it was follow, they were happy to join in the classes online and remain consistent in their daily exercise regimes. Since then I have been able to generate an on-demand platform for clients to access.

Staying active has really helped me stay focused and disciplined in staying health and mentally fit. Especially whilst home schooling my 5 children too. I have managed to lose weight and inches and also offer guidance to others to do the same.

My Bhangra fitness classes help to increase my energy levels, improve stamina, and help with coordination and flexibility.