#TeamEngland Workplace Challenge results announced

Posted: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 09:44

#TeamEngland Workplace Challenge results announced

The results of a national challenge designed to get workers out of their swivel chairs and get active were published.

The #TeamEngland Challenge set by the County Sports Partnership Network in conjunction with the British Heart Foundation Health at Work programme was launched during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games and ran until midnight on Saturday (August 16th).

More than 1,700 people took part from 179 workplaces across England and topping the table as the most active workplace in England was Leeds Metropolitan University (Rose Bowl). The workplace that has completed the most active travel during the challenge and topping the CO2 saved leaderboard was Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd (Teal Park).

Individual honours for the activity points leaderboards, Tanya Griffiths from Concertus and Ajay Pitrola from Leicester City Council (New Parks Leisure Centre) were the clear winners followed by Cher Ward from Lincolnshire County Council (Orchard House) and Naveed Aziz from Royal Borough Of Kingston Upon Thames (Guildhall Complex) in silver and Alison Insley from Warwickshire County Council (Warwick) and David Lane from Leeds Metropolitan University (Rose Bowl) in bronze respectively.

The individual winners of the CO2 saved leaderboards were Tanya Griffiths from Concertus and Mark Jacklin from E2v (MTC Lincoln) taking the gold medal spots followed by Rebecca Pritchard from Leicester/shire BRU's (Leicester Cardiovascular BRU) and Steve Parsons from Grantham College in silver and Heidi Dixon from Woodhouse College and Richard Hart from Rotherham Council in bronze medal positions.

Tanya Griffiths, a double victory winner in activity points and CO2 categories said:

"Challenges like these get you out of bed early to do that session you would otherwise feel too lazy to do because you know that others will be up and doing it and you will drop down the leaderboard. My employers are in the process of introducing a new Active Workplace Ambassador to encourage more staff to take up the challenges so we very much hope to be moving up the leader board in the business category in the future."

Workplace Challenge has been running nationally since January with more than 15,740 workers from around the country having logged an impressive 389,000 hours of activity.

In support of the campaign, Team England's Commonwealth athletes set their own challenges to members of the public.

Laura Samuel, Silver medallist in triple jump at the Commonwealth Games said:

"It was fun being involved in the Workplace Challenge and hearing how competitive workplaces were getting in logging their points. It mirrored the competitive spirit on the track and I believe that it really is important to connect large sporting events with the public to help get people started or return to activities that they once loved themselves at school."

Lee Mason from the County Sports Partnership Network said:

"We have been really pleased with the results of the Workplace Challenge programme to date with more people signing up to this recent challenge despite it being through the summer holidays, a time when traditionally people are on holiday.

We will continue to make the online platform accessible to even more parts of the country and we believe that we are genuinely reaching new audiences using the workplace as the trigger for lifestyle change.

Our goal will be to build momentum on the run up to Christmas and achieve 500k hours of activity logged by the end of the year."

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