10 Sports to try this year

Posted: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:56

10 Sports to try this year

If you're bored of plodding along doing the same sports at the same time against the same players every week, there is a cure. With more and more sports growing in popularity, there has never been a better time to try something new. And with the summer right around the corner, you're not going to be restricted to within four walls.

Here are 10 sports that you need to try out over the warmer months.

10. Ultimate Frisbee

Popular at universities, the art form of throwing a Frisbee with your gran in the park has turned into something people take very seriously. Ultimate Frisbee is comparable to American Football in the way that you throw it forward to teammates, but that's where the similarities end really. It costs nothing to play and if there's a group of you, an afternoon is sorted.

9. Volleyball

Whether playing it in a hall or on the beach (good luck finding one of those in Leicester), volleyball is a unique sport that can be changed depending on the players. Sitting volleyball is incredibly popular for those with a disability, making it a sport that is accessible and open to all. Volleyball clubs are all around and the game is ideal and playable for both genders.

8. New Age Kurling.

Long gone are the days where you needed some ice and sweeps to try a bit of curling. Available to play at leisure centres up and down the country, it's similar to bowls in the way you have a set target to go for. Kurling (with a k) is easy to get into and you can meet people of all ages in doing so.

7. Dodgeball

Not only is it a great film, dodgeball is a great sport too! More people are playing it than ever before and with teams popping up all across the area, it's easy to start. Though the competitive element is there, starting dodgeball can be purely for enjoyment purposes.

6. Softball/Rounders

While they are different sports, the premise is the same. While you may associate them with playing in the park, there is a competitive nature to the two and that can provide the chance for the entire family to get involved.

5. Hockey


Another sport that's easy to get into, most towns have their own hockey club that welcomes both males and females. It takes time to properly grow into the sport but after the amazing success of the Team GB sides last year, there's some perfect inspirations to follow. Pick up a stick and off you go!

4. Footgolf

If you've not tried footgolf yet, you are missing a treat. Combining the very best of football and golf – the kicking and the putting – it is done on huge courses which are ideal for long afternoons with friends or family. Often playing up to 18 holes, footgolf is growing rapidly in popularity with venues up and down the country.

3. Badminton

One of the most played sports in the world, badminton is incredibly easy to start. Rackets and shuttlecocks are affordable and every good leisure centre has a Sportshall where you can just turn up and rally. Having won a bronze medal at Rio 2016, follow the lead of the Team GB stars and have the chance to play against people of all ages.

2. Cricket

If you've not tried cricket for years, it doesn't mean it's too late. Still hugely popular, cricket is one of the leading female sports currently with the 2017 World Cup being held in England – and there are games at Leicestershire's Grace Road ground. Far less competitive than rugby and football, cricket is a great way to get to know people, be active and often, just spend a day in the sun.

1. Tennis

The sun is coming out and that makes tennis a far more realistic sport to try out. With (hopefully) no puddles on the ground and weather suitable for a t-shirt and shorts, expect to see those local courts filling up from around now. Tennis is great to try because it is often free, with it as easy as just turning up and playing. Just make sure you buy a lot of tennis balls if you're a beginner, because they'll probably end up over fences.

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