Five of the best places to run

Posted: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:44

Five of the best places to run

Running at the same place can get a little boring. When it comes to running, which is often a solo activity, there needs to be stimulants for the mind and for the eyes to spur you on those next couple of miles. It's why those who run outdoors tend to have more commitment and desire to go running.

But if you do run outside, don't restrict yourself to the same stretch of road twice a week. Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland have some perfect places to run and to experience a whole host of benefits. Here are just a few:

Bradgate Park

Home of a former queen and currently inhabited by deer, Bradgate Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions around. With 850 acres of land to peruse, one run is not enough to explore the full area. Go back again and again to try out the parts you didn't reach last time, whether that is the steep hill up to Old John Tower or down past the new Information Centre.

Beacon Hill

Around a 7 mile journey from Bradgate Park, Beacon Hill takes in the same views of Leicestershire that Bradgate is fortunate to have. And it makes a great place for a run, with relatively little foot traffic allowing you to get red faced without too many judging glances.

Rutland Water

Rutland Water has long been a favourite for those with boats, those with dogs and those who just generally like a bit of serenity. With 25 miles of track around the perimeter ideal for that 'more than a marathon' sort of run, chances are it might take a few journeys to complete all of it. After all, the water is in the centre of more than 3,000 acres of countryside. Take a drive down though and you can hire a bike, or choose to use your legs.

Brocks Hill Country Park

We're pretty lucky to have so many country parks and green land in our area (take that, London!). But much of it goes unexplored by many. Brocks Hill Country Park in Oadby is ideal for a spring day to have a look around and a bit of an exploration. With a visitor centre and cafe on hand, it doesn't matter your age or reason for going, with a playground for the younger ones a nice way to keep them entertained.

Abbey Park

Any park with a maze is pretty good, and Abbey Park ticks that box. Split into two thanks to the River Soar, there is a boating lake and an animal corner which is ideal for the younger ones. For a park, it is enormous and provides plenty of opportunities to do some physical activity.

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