Become a runner this summer

Posted: Wed, 26 Apr 2017 14:11

Become a runner this summer

If you live in a country like Spain, summer is a real hassle to run in. Hot, humid weather means instant sweat, quick dehydration and just general 'not today-ness.' Luckily (or unluckily depending on which way you look at it) we don't live in Spain and therefore, running's a bit easier.

On a tropical day temperature's will only reach around 26, but the rest of the time the weather is suitable for a run. So what better time to get out and about than in these next few months?

Running is probably the easiest sport/physical activity to get into, because you don't need a lot for it. A pair of trainers is as far as the wallet really needs to stretch. Don't feel obliged to go out there and buy the most expensive pair either. Although they might have all the finest fibres and technological advances possible, a pair of reasonably priced trainers will do the job.

There are different ways to run and they don't all have to be competitive. If you're just getting into it, shorter distances provide nice little challenges and will help you to find out what kind of runner you are. Race for Life events will be taking place throughout May-July, and these races will be filled with like-minded people. With the event for Cancer Research UK, you don't need to worry about fancy running gear as a top is provided. And by signing up, you have the added motivation of raising money for charity. Therefore, dropping out never really crosses the mind.

In recent years, running has taken a new twist through the addition of paint. Colour runs are a fantastic way to get new people involved and if you don't mind getting a bit messy, it can be a hugely enjoyable occasion. There's one coming up in Leicester at the end of this month, so it couldn't really fall any better!

You don't really need to worry about signing up to a gym if your intention is only to run. Paying out in excess of £30 a month (that's £360 a year if you're counting) is not worth it if you only plan on using the treadmill. Instead, pick a quiet area and build up your fitness on safe paths and sturdy surfaces.

Make sure you're running somewhere that offers a bit of something else as well. Actively look for new places to test yourself, whether that be a country road, park or next to a dual-carriageway (probably don't do the last one). If you take a dog for a walk in a new place, it's exciting for them and everything is new. When it comes to running, humans can be pretty much the same.

And finally, don't go running alone, because there are plenty of groups who would love to welcome you in! In our area alone, around 50 running clubs are all ready and waiting for new members. The fitness benefits can also coincide with social, with friendly atmospheres at all.

And before you know it, a summer of binge watching the same American TV series on a never ending loop has turned into a season of fitness, friendship and sweat. And you might even get a sun tan too.

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