Get active and interactive to help your school win this year's Move it Boom challenge!

Posted: Mon, 09 Apr 2018 11:53

Get active and interactive to help your school win this year's Move it Boom challenge!

Move it Boom, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust's award-winning physical activity campaign for primary school kids is back for the third time, and we'd love your school to get involved!

Move it Boom is completely free for schools to enter, and we have some great prizes on offer. Move it Boom is running until Friday 29 June. The overall winning school will be announced on Friday 6 July.

Move it Boom is hosted on the Health for Kids website (, and is a fun way for children to learn about the importance of physical activity for overall health and wellbeing.

In 2016, 218 schools across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland took part in the competition, with children logging a phenomenal 47,053 activities. This year we'd like to go even bigger and better!

How kids can take part

When children first visit the site, they will be allocated an anonymised username and password. Class teachers may like to give out login cards (included with this digital pack) to children as a reminder. Children will also be asked to select their school from a drop-down list.

The Move it Boom site provides lots of suggestions (including video clips and links) for how children can get moving and having fun, either by setting themselves individual challenges or by joining in with friends and siblings.

Once they're ready to record their activity, children choose from 12 pre-selected broad categories, which include 'playing games at home', 'inventing a game' and 'challenge yourself'. They click on the appropriate icon and straightaway will see their points score increase. As they add more and more points, they will see their unique robot develop and change, with upgraded parts reflecting the nature of the activities they have been doing.

As well as the main schools competition, children are encouraged to work together to invent their own games which they think others will enjoy playing and to create a demonstration film. The best films will be uploaded to the Move it Boom site, with an overall winner selected at the end of the competition.

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