The Skills for the Future 2018 survey

Posted: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 07:17

The Skills for the Future 2018 survey

As part of this work, an online survey opened this week and seeks employer views the changing patterns of employment and sectors across the Leicester and Leicestershire area. Local employers, skills providers and recruitment agencies are invited to give feedback on these changing patterns.

The Skills for the Future 2018 survey is commissioned by the LLEP and led by York Consulting, will form part of the 'Skills for the Future 2018-2030' research and asks for views on apprenticeships, staff training, and the employability of staff.

There will also be some local workshops to seek face to face views from employers and the latest skills forecasting data included as part of a final research report.

The information will be used for planning purposes by Further Education establishments, Skills Providers and new Skills Advisory Boards, referenced in both the Industrial and Careers Strategies, as well as informing future labour market resources to help young people and adults to be more aware of where local opportunities lie.

Nick Pulley, LLEP Chair said "I must emphasise the importance of employers taking responsibility for driving the skills agenda. Evolving business needs, technological advances and new work structures are redefining what are considered valuable skills for the future and determining what these are is far from straightforward.

"By taking a short amount of time to complete the survey employers can inform the LLEP about the skills challenges they are facing now and likely to face in the future. The skills data will help us to develop a strategy and enable local educational establishments to prepare students for future business needs."

The 'Skills for the Future 2018-2030' project will help the LLEP inform the Local Industrial Strategy to drive forward economic growth across the county, highlight changes to the labour market and ensure public funds meet the needs of education providers to generate maximum impact.

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