The Daily Boost December Challenge Has Started!

Posted: Tue, 01 Dec 2020 09:12

The Daily Boost December Challenge Has Started!

Today is the day to kickstart the Christmas countdown with our fun, active Daily Boost December Challenge to get everybody into the Christmas spirit!

With festivities looking very different in schools this year, it may be a great way to start a new tradition to encourage positive health and wellbeing of every pupil in a way that suits them, AND this Challenge also adheres to Covid-19 guidelines.

Also, with the change of weather and limited space in school right now our alternative 'Mini Boost' sessions may offer the perfect opportunity to provide easy, simple activities without having to leave the classroom. The Daily Boost is a free* programme where you can receive resources and rewards to get children excited about physical activity and our Christmas themed scorecards will get everybody eager to track their progress on the run up to the holidays!

The great thing about the Daily Boost is that You can choose to do ANY activity at ANY time of the day to suit the needs of your class pupils, classroom, and teacher, so why not get involved today.

Our Challenge is running until the 18th December but your school will have until the 21st December to log any activity and see yourselves on our Daily Boost Tracker and this is a useful way to highlight how lots of little bouts of fun activity can make such a big impact overall.

The resources for this Challenge are exclusive to those who are signed up with the Daily Boost, so don't miss your chance to get involved today. Click here to sign up now! It's never to late to sign your school up.

The Daily Boost December Challenge Has Started!

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