Department for Education (England) - Summer School Funding

Posted: Wed, 07 Apr 2021 13:13

Department for Education (England)  -  Summer School Funding

Department for Education (England)

Name of Fund: Summer School Funding

To support young people in England who have suffered the most disruption to their education as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK Government is providing £200 million in summer school funding. State-funded secondary and special schools, non- maintained special schools and pupil referral units will receive from £59.70 per place per day to deliver a one- or two-week programme offering a blend of educational, sport, enrichment and wellbeing activities, with a focus on pupils making the transition into year 7.

Funding should be used to cover all costs associated with running the activities, including additional staff costs, free meals for eligible children and transport.

Schools will be asked to sign up to run summer schools by the end of April, and confirm their plans in June. They will have the flexibility to target the funding to whoever they think could benefit most.

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