NEW Watermead Junior parkrun starts Sunday 6th November!

Posted: Thu, 03 Nov 2022 11:08

NEW Watermead Junior parkrun starts Sunday 6th November!

The brand new Watermead Junior parkrun starts Sunday 6th Novemebr 2022, and takes place at Watermead Country Park every Sunday at 9am.

What is junior parkrun?

Junior parkrun is a free, fun, and friendly weekly 2km event for juniors (4 to 14 year olds). It is held every Sunday at 9:00am. In essence it is a children's version of a normal parkrun. Junior events are open and inclusive. Disabled people may participate wherever it is safe for them to do so. The event team can provide disabled participants with course information in order that the participant (or their parent/guardian) can make an informed decision about their safe participation.

How does it differ to senior parkrun?

Junior parkruns take place on Sundays. The distance is much shorter – 2km is 1.2 miles – making it a superb introduction to running for children. The essence is on participation and fun.

How old do children have to be to participate?

Children aged 4 years onwards are eligible to register for a parkrun barcode. They can participate up until the age of 14. The good news is, once a child has a bar code, this can be used to participate at any other event, both at junior and senior parkruns.

How do I go about registering?

Registration is via the main parkrun UK website

Are there incentives for children to participate?

Yes, children can earn a coveted junior parkrun wristband for milestones, as follows: 11 junior parkruns - Blue band (Half Marathon)
21 junior parkruns - Green band (Marathon)
50 junior parkruns - Orange band (Ultra-Marathon)

100 Club – Grey band (100 junior parkrun events)

As a parent, can I run with my child?

Of course and indeed many do, particularly with younger children. As children get older, there is a natural inclination for them to want to leave mum and dad at the finish and run alone or with their friends. Parents / guardians do not need to be registered in order to run at junior parkrun with their child.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs or other pets are not allowed to take part in junior parkruns.

Can a child run both a senior parkrun on the Saturday and a junior parkrun on the Sunday?

Absolutely, and some do, particularly the older children. Parents will know best the capabilities of their children. Participants can use the same bar code for both events. An individual's results distinguish between their senior and junior achievements.

My child isn't very fit at all, is there a minimum standard / level of fitness?

All children are most welcome at junior parkrun, irrespective of their level of fitness or talent. The onus is on having fun and becoming fitter through physical activity. There is no minimum standard and nobody comes last – we have designated tail walkers at each event.

Is the route safe and will it be clearly marked out?

All courses undergo a robust risk assessment process. The route will always be well marshalled on the day so any issues, e.g. trips, can be immediately addressed.

What volunteer roles are available?

As with senior parkrun, there are many volunteer roles available on the day including timing, scanning, marshalling, tail walking and Run Director.

Can you give us any insider information on the proposed route of Watermead junior parkrun?

We hope that you'll love our course, it's a flat out and back starting from the picnic field at the top of King Lear Lake. I'll not say too much more as we want it to be a surprise.

Are there any other junior parkruns in Leicestershire & Rutland?

There are currently five other junior parkruns in Leicestershire & Rutland – Aylestone, Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Melton Mowbray and Rutland.

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