Staying active in Ramadan and beyond!

Posted: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 09:00

Staying active in Ramadan and beyond!

Ramadan Recharge resources are available for Partners to download to help promote physical activity throughout this period of reflection.

The Ramadan Recharge campaign is a cross-county collaboration between community organisations, such as Loughborough Female Fitness and Evergreen Collective, with the following Active Partnerships; Active Together (Leicester-Shire & Rutland), Active Derbyshire and Active Notts.

Ramadan Recharge has been developed to help people stay active during Ramadan, so they can increase their focus and energy during this blessed month while feeling more connected in their prayers, worship and fasting.

Our local Partners can download Ramadan Recharge Resources and pre-written social media messages to help share communications and messages with their networks and audiences here.

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