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Team Leicestershire Talent 2022/23

Active Together are pleased to support talented young athletes through the Team Leicestershire Talent Athlete Support Programme.

Please take a moment to click through the profiles of the 2022/23 Team Leicestershire Talent Ambassadors & Athletes.

For more information please visit Team Leicestershire Talent - LLR Active Schools

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Matt Hackfath

Matt Hackfath

Development Officer

Active Together

I am working flexibly in the office or at home, therefore please contact me via email or phone number provided.

My areas of responsibility are:

- Excel - Team Leicestershire
- Develop - School Games
- Virtual Together

Hero or Heroine – David Beckham was my role model when growing up, I admired his resilience to setbacks and always thought he conducted himself respectfully. As I've got older, I also appreciate what he's done to develop football/sport in general across the world.

Favourite Quote/Motto – "All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them" - Magic Johnson

01509 467484