Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland already host a significant number of national and international sports events and is well placed in the heart of England to host more.

One of the United Kingdom's premier locations for sport and business, located in the heart of England, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland have established national and global access through fast road, rail and airport links from wherever your customers are based.

With international level infrastructure for football, rugby, cricket, motor racing, horse racing and basketball, the area provides world class event facilities with superior quality accommodation and hospitality services at all levels.

The Premier Sporting Location resources showcase the extensive range of sporting venues in the city and county and the national and international sports events they have hosted in recent years. The prospectus also outlines other events and conferences which they are able to host.

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The main videos are available on YouTube and GoogleDrive using the link below.

However if would like the video files or the social media versions, please contact Ali Clements (contact details below).

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