Wellbeing at Work Charter

The Wellbeing at Work Charter is a local accreditation scheme to recognise the efforts of local workplaces who support the health & wellbeing of their employees.

There are two levels of accreditation available, the Pledge and the Award, and organisations of any size any type are encouraged to register.

Employers are also encouraged to complete a Workplace Health Needs Assessment.

More information can be found below.

Please ensure you have downloaded and read the Charter Guidance Document before registering for either the Pledge or the Award.

Wellbeing at Work Pledge

By signing the Pledge, your organisation is committed to making a public declaration of its ambition to take action to support employee wellbeing by:

  • Appointing a dedicated officer responsible for coordinating the organisations health and wellbeing offer.
  • Demonstrating senior level buy-in and support for this agenda with a signature from the organisation's director or senior leader.
  • Promoting positive public health messages to employees, encouraging and supporting them to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Agreeing to receive regular communication from Active Together regarding Wellbeing at Work.

By signing the Pledge, organisations will receive:

  • Recognition as a pledge signatory on the Active Together website.
  • Certificate and Pledge Badge to display on website / literature.
  • Access to the Wellbeing at Work Support Package and online resources.

It is strongly recommended (but not compulsory) that organisations who sign the Pledge also complete a Workplace Health Needs Assessment.

The Pledge badge and certificate is valid for 24-months, at which point an organisation can choose to renew their Pledge or begin working towards the Award. At any point during this 24-month period, organisations can take the next step towards completing the Award.

Wellbeing at Work Award
(From £100 +VAT)

To achieve the Award, your organisation must evidence the delivery of ongoing health & wellbeing activities by meeting the following compulsory requirements:

  • Signed the Pledge.
  • Completion of a Workplace Health Needs Assessment or other recognised needs analysis.
  • Consultation session with Active Together to identify priorities of employee health and wellbeing.
  • Submission of a workplace health and wellbeing action plan, evidencing plans to promote public health messages in relation to the priorities identified.
  • Submission of evidence of the delivery of interventions.

Recipients of the Award will receive:

  • Recognition as an Award recipient on the Active Together website.
  • Certificate and Award Badge to display on website / literature.
  • Free place at the Wellbeing at Work annual conference.
  • Free place on a Workplace Physical Activity Champion training session.
  • Access to the Wellbeing at Work Support Package and online resources.

After registering to begin working towards the Award, organisations must submit evidence to demonstrate implementation of the Award requirements within 12-months.

The Award badge and certificate is valid for 24 months. At this point, organisations must re-submit evidence to confirm that they still meet the requirements of the Award (to include repeating the Workplace Health Needs Assessment).

Charter Showcase Page

By signing the Pledge or registering for the Award, you will be joining a number of local workplaces in Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland in showcasing your commitment to employee health and wellbeing, and receive recognition on our Charter Showcase Page.

Click below to see which organisations in your area have signed up to the Charter, and hear why they are taking the first steps towards encouraging a workplace culture that is healthy, happy and productive.

Wellbeing at Work Support Package

The Wellbeing at Work Support Package, accessible to Charter-recognised employers, includes tools and resources to support the delivery of health and wellbeing initiatives.

These elements are optional but may support the development and delivery of initiatives that make up an organisations health and wellbeing action plan.

Support can be adapted to combat challenges associated with COVID-19 restrictions.

For more information please contact:

Bryany Cornish

Bryany Cornish

Sports Development Officer

Active Together

I am working flexibly in the office or at home, therefore please contact me via email or phone number provided.

My areas of responsibility are:

01509 564879