About Active Together

Formerly known as Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS)

Active Together are here to make physical activity and sport more accessible and part of our everyday lives.

Our Vision: Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland; a place where physical activity is part of daily life, leading to people living healthier and happier lives.

For our Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland residents - Let's Get Moving

Active Together are here to help you to move a little more, in your own way.

We work with many organisations across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to support you on your journey to being healthier and happier, by moving more.

Let's Get Moving!

For our Partners

Active Together are here to help organisations and individuals support more people to be active and move more.

We work collaboratively with a range of partners across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland who share the ambition to reduce inequalities in physical activity and to help our communities realise the benefits of a more physically active life.

Supporting and Enabling Physical Activity & Sport

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Active Together is one of 43 Active Partnerships across England and we are hosted by Leicestershire County Council.

We work collaboratively to create the conditions for an active nation and use the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives.

Active Partnerships like Active Together have been set up by Sport England as the delivery system for the development of sport and physical activity at a county level, ensuring national resources have local reach.

Active Partnerships

What is an Active Partnership?

Sport England invest in 43 Active Partnerships covering every part of England. Active Partnerships have a strong understanding of their local place and can broker and support the right relationships, and help identify the best opportunities to increase sport and physical activity in their communities.

Active Partnerships will think about what's important based on local needs, and use their understanding to be tactical in creating chances to get active which achieve the health, social and economic outcomes in the governing's Sporting Future Strategy.

This means supporting local partners and responding to local needs, and targeting where intervention or extra capacity is needed to create a more joined-up approach to tackling inactivity in their areas.

Active Partnerships National Team

The Active Partnerships National Team is the improvement and innovation agency that leads, supports and represents Active Partnerships. The team is focused on learning what works locally and driving collaboration and impact across the network.