Active Older Adults

Whatever your age or health condition, there are plenty of ways you can move more. It’s never too late for activity to have a positive effect.

To stay healthy or to improve health, older adults aged 65 years and over should aim for 150 minutes per week at a level that increases your breathing and heart rate. Don't forget to include strength and balance activities two times a week! Research shows that keeping active during later life can have many benefits with physical and mental health as well as helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation. This situation has become much worse as a result of COVID-19. A new report from Age UK shows that:

  • One in three older people have less energy
  • One in four older people are unable to walk as far as before
  • One in five older people feel less steady on their feet

We want to ensure that as people age, they stay active, healthy and independent. There's activity everywhere! At your local village hall, leisure centre and online. local health professional, friends and local council will be able to advise of activities you may enjoy.