We Are Undefeatable

We Are Undefeatable is a major campaign to support the 15 million people who live with one or more long-term health conditions in England

We Are Undefeatable is a major new campaign to support the 15 million people who live with one or more long-term health conditions in England.

The campaign features real-life experiences of people with long-term health conditions – both visible and invisible – on their own journeys to being active. It also recognises the unique barriers people living with long-term health conditions face.

The We Are Undefeatable campaign understands that how you feel can change from day to day and sometimes, that can make moving more feel like a challenge.

It's perfectly okay to feel like being active is a big commitment or something that didn't feel like it was for you.

Ultimately, being active is about finding what works for you. You can start small, and you don't have to get moving when you don't feel up to it.

We Are Undefeatable aims to support people to build physical activity into their lives, in a way that their condition allows.

Make the most out of your good days

Each day, listen to your body and do what feels comfortable to you.

Make the most of your good days. On your not-so-good days, you may need to do less. Small amounts of activity all add up.

Find activities you enjoy

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, in fact, there are many, many ways to be active, including some that people may not realise actually count. Try a few activities until you find the right thing for you and your health condition.

Doing something you actually like means you're far more likely to keep doing it. Moving more with friends, family members, and others can also help make things more fun.

Click here for the We Are Undefeatable website for ideas and resources to help you start your journey to being active. While you are there why not download the "My Daily Undefeatable resource pack".

Start slowly and build up

Don't expect to see big differences overnight. Even small changes can have an impact on your health.

For some people, aiming for ten minute bouts of activity can help them get started.

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Hashtag: #WeAreUndefeatable

Make your move

However you choose to make your move, it's all good for your health and wellbeing. Try building movement into your day by doing things like taking the stairs and walking more. Take a look at our "Make Your Move" pages for more ideas.

Or why not try out different activities, like swimming, cycling, pilates, or using a free app. You can find more inspiration local to you on our Get Active activity finder.

Why not take a look at our Events and Campaigns Search Engine or at our Get Active Search Engine below and try out a new activity:

Campaign partners:

The campaign is led by 15 of the major health and social care charities and is backed by expertise, insight and significant National Lottery funding from Sport England, the organisation behind the award-winning This Girl Can campaign.

You may find further advice and information on specific conditions by clicking on the links below.