Meet Amelia

Amelia found freedom by getting out on her bike.

Amelia's Story | North West Leicestershire

For years, Amelia was very overweight and felt unable to do the things she wanted to in life. In 2019, she got to the point where she needed to make change. So she set about making her #AmeliaCan goals, including to walk 365 miles in 2019, go swimming, ride a bike, and many more.

In February 2019 Amelia picked up the courage to go swimming with her husband's support. She would go late at night so there were not many people in the pool. A Fitbit given as a birthday present acted as a great motivation. At the start, she started walking first up the road, then a bit further, and saw the step count going up. With a goal of 10,000 steps a day, and a love of exploring the countryside and taking photos/videos along the way, Amelia continued walking and getting fitter. When England went into the first national lockdown, everything changed for Amelia. She couldn't work, and therefore she started walking 20,000 steps a day, and loved it. She grew vegetables in her garden, had lots of rest and free time, and lots of time to cook.

A new challenge was needed, and Amelia decided to start cycling, albeit in a very hilly village! After a holiday in Cornwall where she tried an e-bike, she asked for one for Christmas, and on her husband's words of "If I get you this bike you are going to use it!", she has kept up her cycling and has rode an incredible 3000 miles in 2021 so far. She's 5 stone lighter, much fitter, and has so many fun #AmeliaCan goals planned for the future.

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Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

I have many inspirational people in my life that don't always know they are to me. Everyone one I've met on my journey has been nothing but friendly, positive, supportive and want me to enjoy the journey I'm on. Remove negativity and judgmental people from your life.

I live by a few quotes:

"Every step is a step to it getting easier"

"One more step/mile to a better place"

"One life, live it"

"Its my life, love me and my life"

Where is your favourite place to be active and why?

I have found many beautiful places to ride my bike around North West Leicestershire, I love riding trails as they are off road and you get to see the countryside from a new perspective. My favourite local trail is the Cloud Trail, but for an away day I love the Peak District - the Tissington, High Peak, and Manifold Trails.

For you, what is the best by-product of being active?

By being on a journey to getting more active, I am much happier, less tired, and have more confidence to do things I never thought I would do again.

What is your one top tip for others looking to be more active?

Set yourself small goals and keep an eye on your goal. Don't look at what others achieve, look at what you're achieving and celebrate your goals as you achieve them.