Meet Amelia

Amelia found freedom by getting out on her bike.

Amelia from North West Leicestershire

For years, Amelia was overweight and felt unable to do things she wanted to in life. In 2019, she decided to make a change.

Amelia started swimming and going on regular walks, as well as doing a bit of gardening to pass the time. After discovering new love for physical activity, Amelia decided to purchase an e-bike, and instantly became hooked.

Now, Amelia and her bike are inseparable, and she loves cycling around the different trails throughout the County, and going on new trails to see the countryside from a new perspective.

Amelia has since joined a cycling group, and has met and befriended many like-minded individuals. Her favourite phrase to say is "I don't overtake many people on my bike, but I'm overtaking everyone sat on the sofa right now".

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Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

I have many inspirational people in my life that don't always know they are to me. Everyone one I've met on my journey has been nothing but friendly, positive, supportive and want me to enjoy the journey I'm on. Remove negativity and judgmental people from your life.

I live by a few quotes:

"Every step is a step to it getting easier"

"One more step/mile to a better place"

"One life, live it"

"Its my life, love me and my life"

Where is your favourite place to be active and why?

I have found many beautiful places to ride my bike around North West Leicestershire, I love riding trails as they are off road and you get to see the countryside from a new perspective. My favourite local trail is the Cloud Trail, but for an away day I love the Peak District - the Tissington, High Peak, and Manifold Trails.

For you, what is the best by-product of being active?

By being on a journey to getting more active, I am much happier, less tired, and have more confidence to do things I never thought I would do again.

What is your one top tip for others looking to be more active?

Set yourself small goals and keep an eye on your goal. Don't look at what others achieve, look at what you're achieving and celebrate your goals as you achieve them.

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