Meet Andrew

Andrew remains active whilst living with a long-term health condition

Andrew from North West Leicestershire

Andrew has been active since an early age, and used to love playing football with friends and going on woodland adventures with his BMX. After becoming a father, Andrew wanted to lead by example and encourage his children to find ways to be active that they enjoy.

In 2009, Andrew was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. During flares, which have a huge impact on his mental health, Andrew remains focused and determined to remain active to improve his mental wellbeing. He has learned to manage his condition, and as a keen runner and cyclist, he strategically plans his routes to ensure he's never too far away from a toilet.

Andrew would like to use this opportunity to raise awareness of the condition, reduce existing diagnosis inequalities and highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle in the long-term management of the condition to inspire others that there is hope beyond their diagnosis.

Do you want to be active like Andrew?