Meet Mark

Cycling has helped Mark lose weight and improve his confidence

Mark from Blaby

A combination of a stressful job and a bad diet led to Mark being 20kgs larger than he would have liked, with health conditions starting to limit his activities. Mark realised he had to make a change to his lifestyle, and feeling inspired by Sir Bradley Wiggins at the 2012 Olympic Games, he remembered his childhood-love for cycling, and decided to pick up his old bike again.

Slowly but surely, Mark started cycling more and more round his local area, and even started cycling to work. After saving money and improving his fitness, Mark bought a bigger bike, and eventually met his goal of losing 20kgs. Mark is now part of the Leicester City Ride team, which means he gets to meet like-minded individuals at the Bike Park and go on group bike rides.

From a tiny fold-up bike and poor fitness to being able to cycle anywhere he wants, Mark wants to show other local residents that it's never too late to start being active.

For those wanting to move more, Mark advises to get a cycling buddy, find a volunteer to ride a work route with, or join a local club, and whether it's cycling around your local park or enjoying a bike-ride to the shops, give cycling a go!



Do you want to be active like Mark?