Meet Sarah

Joining an exercise group has helped Sarah deal with her health condition

Sarah from Hinckley & Bosworth

Since joining an MS exercise group after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Sarah's life has completely changed for the better. Sarah now feels part of a safe community where she can talk to other like-minded individuals to help share her emotions and get her through the day.

Sarah wants to encourage others living with long term health conditions to do the same, as joining a group and being part of such a supportive community is a great way to boost your mental wellbeing.

Most weeks, Sarah starts the morning group feeling stiff and frustrated by joint pain, but always arrives early to catch up with friends. She always leaves the group happy as she's truly able to let off some steam, be transparent with her emotions and look to others for support.

Since joining the group, Sarah is a much happier person, and encourages anyone living with a long term condition to be active in a way that suits their lifestyle, and seek support from group networks to boost your mood and physical health.

Do you want to be active like Sarah?