Meet Tanner

Tanner has Hydrocephalus, but that hasn't stopped him being active.

Tanner from North West Leicestershire

Meet Tanner, a remarkable young boy with an inspiring story. Tanner has Hydrocephalus with a VP shunt insertion, and used to struggle with physical activity. Tanner also has behavioural problems and has never really settled into any club he's attended, except his current one, which has been a true standout! The dedicated staff at Tanner's new club are fantastic with kids, and welcomed him with open arms.

Tanner has come along leaps and bounds regarding sport and physical activity, as he's achieved milestones like learning to catch a ball, something that he couldn't do before, and mastering the use of a cricket bat.

Keeping Tanner's attention can be quite a challenge in itself, and so for him, the club has played an instrumental role in his development.

Here's to Tanner's ongoing journey of growth and discovery!

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