Getting active, my way: What's near me?

What's around my way is here to help you find your local parks, open spaces, walking and cycling routes and give you some local ideas.

Family adventure in a local park, Beacon Hill, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

We all need time to rest and unwind. And what better way to do so than by getting out in the fresh air and exploring nature? At Active Together we have you covered with our easy guide to outdoor spaces near you.

Places to walk near me

Looking for a green space or somewhere to walk the dogs? We can help!

Just enter your postcode to get started and we'll find the closest places to go for a walk near you.

It doesn't have to involve a drive to the woods or a train out to the countryside - our search engine has open spaces within a short distance of everyone in Leicester and Leicestershire.

It's simple to use, just enter your postcode and pick a local spot to explore.

Country parks and forest walks near me

Our region is home to some of the best known forests in England. Within them are many forest trails which are great for walking, cycling or just relaxing.

Woodland trails are the perfect way to reconnect with nature and see the seasons change, from the first bluebells of spring in Swithland Woods, to the autumn leaves of Beacon Hill Country Park.

You can explore country parks and ancient woodland walks near you by using our Parks and Open Spaces Search Engine.

Just enter your postcode to get started and we'll find the closest places to go for a walk near you.

It's that simple - so grab a coat, put on your boots, and let's go!

Mindfulness walk can help improve out mental health. Take a walk or cycle around Rutland Water.

Mindfulness walking can help

Did you know that mindfulness walking can help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and even improve sleep? When you are out in a park or open space, try mindfulness walking!

  • Walk a little slower than normal
  • Pay attention to your senses and what's around you
  • Be aware of each breath and breathe easily, but deeply

Activities for all the family

Are you looking for ways to spend more time together as a family while trying to stay fit and healthy? Why not take the kids on an outdoor adventure!

Outdoor play areas, playing fields, and playgrounds are a great way of getting the kids outside and exercising in the fresh air. Here's three to try.

Flip a coin guided walk/cycle

Let fate decide your walking or cycling route. Before leaving home, assign left and right to heads and tails of your coin. At your starting point, flip your coin to decide which way to go. At each junction you get to flip the coin again - and let it decide if you go left or right.

Give Geocaching a go

Have you ever tried Geocaching? There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world and there are probably some near you right now. Join in the world's largest treasure hunt and download the app today.

Alphabet Adventure

Explore somewhere new by cycling or walking between two places starting with the same letter. You can use the Choose How You Move website to find local walking and cycling routes.


Leicester and Leicestershire have some amazing Fitcation options for family friendly Escapes. Stay on the ground, up in the air, two wheels, four wheels or on foot. Mix them all up for the perfect weekend away with your loved ones and enjoy a shared family experience that you'll be talking about for weeks afterwards .

Where are the parks near me?

How do you find out what is available in parks and playground near you? Let Active Together help you take the hassle out of planning outdoor fun.

Our online directory of clubs, organisations and venues is the easy way to explore the closest local parks, outdoor gyms, play equipment and open spaces for kids and adults.

Search for local playgrounds and play parks near you

Nature trail time!

Whilst you're out and about, see if you can create a nature trail! Can you find these things?

  • Animals: If you look carefully there will almost always be a squirrel around somewhere, try looking in the trees or in the grass!
  • Pond/river: Can you find some water on your trail? Maybe it is a small pond or a flowing river? Visit as many spaces as you can to find one.
  • Litter: Can you do your bit for the community and find some litter to pick up? Give yourself a pat on the back when you have disposed of it!
  • Bird's nest: Can you spot a bird's nest? Birds' nests are located in trees, sometimes very high up! Keep your eyes open!

Get on your bike!

Cycling is a great way to see both city and countryside. Not only is it proven to reduce stress and anxiety, it's also more environmentally friendly.

For more information about swapping four wheels for two, see our handy guide to cycling in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Here you can discover safety tips for cycling, as well as cycle maps, cycling routes near you, bike hire, and details of upcoming virtual cycling challenges.