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A range of videos to support you on your steady steps journey

Welcome to the Steady Steps video support pages. Here you will find a range of videos to support you through the Steady Steps programme.

The Steady Steps videos have been created by a trained professional however should only be accessed by individuals who have been referred to the Steady Steps programme. By accessing these videos you are accepting and agreeing to undertake and engage in the activity without supervision, at your own risk. If any changes occur with a medical condition, medications or injuries that may affect your participation we advise you seek medical advise.

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Introduction Videos

Please watch the three videos below before you start our online Steady Steps programme.

Here you will meet your Steady Steps team of instructors, Kelsey, Brian and Chris.

They will take you through some brief tips and instructions to enable you to feel safe and secure whilst participating in the steady Steps exercise programme.

To understand what is to be expected and what is normal to feel and experience whilst exercising is key to managing your own effort and intensity levels. This information will educate you on signs and signals to look out for when warming up and mobilising the joints, when experiencing and taking part in the huff and puff endurance work and the balance, strength and flexibility components.

A series of functional checks to self check and assess your starting point before you start the program or to see if you are progressing. Simple and easy to use movements and a scoring system, so grab a pen and paper and have a go at the functional checks. Ideally these should be completed before you start the program to give you a baseline starting point to your abilities. Feel free to repeat throughout the program if you are curious about your progress and remember to repeat the series and functional activities and the end of the 11 weeks comparing the difference between any earlier results will really show you how far you have come!

Week 1 and 2

The program is structured in blocks of 2 week. You will find 2 exercise sessions in weeks 1 and 2.

Aim to complete 3 sessions per week to get the most out of the program. Complete session 1 at the beginning of the 1st and 2nd week and session 2 twice across the 2 weeks.

Session 1:

This session covers the importance of good posture, finding your 'base of support' and how to move well in seated and into standing. Try to practice these posture checks in seated and standing as often as you can this week.

Session 2

Session 2 will take you through the warm up - circulation boosting and some joint mobility moves. Try to repeat this session every other day or daily if you can. Perhaps using this as your breakfast routine. This will build on the basics of the program and begin to condition you towards being more active in your day. This warm up really can prepare the body for the day!

Week 3 and 4

Continuing with the aim of completing 3 sessions per week during weeks 3 and 4 you will have 3 sessions, so, you can plan to do all 3 then repeat the same 3 for the next week

Session 1

Moving some of the warm up and mobility moves into standing over these 2 weeks. Kelsey will also introduce the balance component, make sure you are near to some fixed support as having something sturdy/fixed to hold on to will support your balance and confidence. Expect to feel a little wobbly.

Session 2

We repeat the previous session here to get some extra practice on the balance exercises. The more repetition and rehearsal there is the greater and more likely the improvements in your balance and confidence.

Session 3

In this session we warm up and mobilise to prepare the body for some strengthening. So grab your stretchy resistance band and get ready to feel those muscles work. Remember you wont do that many reps so try and work in a bit more effort in the few that you do.

Week 5 and 6

3 times per week and 3 exercise sessions to choose from. Try to complete session 1, 2 and 3 in this order twice over across this 2 week period.

Session 1

The warm up and mobility moves continue to be included to set the scene for other parts of the program and from this week Brian introduces the stretch sequence. Stretches work on increasing flexibility of muscle groups that we know can get tight and tight muscles will restrict joint movement. Here we target the back of thigh, calf, for reaching down and getting to the feet and lower levels and we target the chest and upper arm and side for reaching actions and improving posture.

All 3 sessions are in correct order - add intro to each session

Session 2

Its Brian's turn to deliver some strengtheners in this session so make sure you have your resistance band handy. You will of course start with the warm up routine and finish with the stretch sequence.

All video clips and sessions up to this one are fully uploaded and are able to be followed start to finishv

Session 3

We re-visit the balance challenges in this session along with the warm up and flexibility stretches. Brian will offer reduced support options because to improve our balance we have to challenge it. Saying that you should feel safe with the challenge you have chosen to do.

Not fully uploaded the video finishes and cuts off before the end

Week 7

Week 7 brings only one session to complete with your aim being to complete this 3 times during the week.

Session 1

This week Kelsey will introduce 2 new components to the program. Dynamic Endurance will focus on continuous activity to make you breath a bit deeper and to make your hear work a bit harder too. This is the 'huff and puff' and will improve your ability to do things for longer! The next new addition is adapted Tai Chi, using coordinated, relaxing floating movements that help to refocus and calm the mind. Repeat this session 3 times over this week.

Not fully uploaded - this cuts off some of the session

Week 8 and 9

Sessions across week 8 and 9 now are longer in duration and if you have been completing the sessions regularly you should be feeling some important benefits by now. Keeping with the approach of 3 exercise sessions per week using all 3 sessions across week 8 and 9.

Session 1

You should be feeling much improved this far into the program. So, during weeks 8 and 9 we have some slightly longer sessions.

In this session we have the warm up, a progression to the Dynamic Endurance component, Balance re-training, flexibility and the session will finish with Adapted Tai Chi.

Sessions 1 2 and 3 have not fully uploaded they cut off before the end missing out a good chunk of the sessions

Session 2

The warm up, stretch and adapted Tai Chi is as standard in this session.

But get your band and a small cushion for the Strength component in today's session. Its all about the challenge to enable progress and improvements.

Session 3

We have a bit of everything in this session. Warm up, balance challenges, strengtheners, flexibility stretches and adapted tai chi. Keep challenging yourself and choose the right option for you today!

Week 10 and 11

Week 10 and 11 brings the final block of this Steady Steps program to you, as previous there are 3 sessions to do on each of the weeks.

Session 1

We are into the last 2 weeks of the program and its bushiness as usual with our warm up and mobility moves, huff and puff work, balance re-training, stretches and this week in adapted tai chi Chris will 'row the oar' with you.

Session 2

Check that you have advanced the band strength in this session, you should be feeling stronger and fitter by now maybe feeling like you have more energy with some daily tasks and 'time on feet' feeling easier. As always we start with the warm up then its the huff and puff, strength, flexibility and adapted tai chi

Session 3

A full set of all components during this session with this being the last session of the program.

Hopefully over the weeks you have begun to value the importance of completing some specific targeted exercises to help you feel stronger and steadier as you move through your day. With the added benefits of loosening and stretching the joints and muscles groups to enhance more comfortable reaching and stretching in various directions. From here on in try to incorporate extra exercises into your day to maintain and improve yourself even more.