Useful Apps

There are lots of physical wellbeing apps available for your mobile device. Find out which ones might suit you and your family best to motivate you and keep you active.

Apps are a great way of getting into activity!

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at our apps below to help get you active.

Download our Virtual Together app today!

The HiFive Challenges are perfect for children and families to have fun and stay active at home together.

The Team Leicestershire and Daily Boost communities within the app provide a long term digital school sport solution beyond the current situation that will enable us to embed an ongoing virtual offer alongside annual calendars.

The involvement of the SSPAN (School Sport & Physical Activity Network) also means that schools and young people will be able to engage with local district (Level 2 / Inter school) challenges, the county-wide (Level 3) offer from us at LRS and will also offer leadership opportunities within schools.

You can download the app or take a look at the challenges and competitions available on the web portal too; see below for how to get started.

Apps for Adults:

Apps for kids: