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Humberstone Park with its attractive gardens, popular children’s play area and sunken garden was opened in 1925.

Humberstone was one of six parks conceived in the 1920s to cater for Leicester's rapidly expanding suburbs. The others being Braunstone, Knighton, Evington, Rushey Fields and Aylestone.

Large open grassed areas are popular with dog walkers and sports enthusiasts. The Bushby Brook and old Great Northern Railway embankment have been incorporated into the park to create havens for wildlife.

Humberstone village, from which the park takes its name, is thought to be from the Danish 'Hubba's Ton', which refers to Hubba's village or settlement of people. Humberstone may also derive from Humberd the place of a bard's worship.

The Humberstone Park café and nursery are based in Meadow House, erected by Thomas Tertius Pageat who became a leading figure in Lloyds of London. The letters TTP can still be seen above the door.

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