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Evington Park
Cordery Road Evington

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Steve Hayes

About Last Man Stands

Last Man Stands caters for teams and players of all abilities. It’s a great, fun format that includes all 8 players. It does allow you to play good cricket, moderate cricket or even purely social cricket. Games are played at Evington Park and will st

LMS is 8-a-side T20, played by the normal laws of cricket with some extra rules to make the game more inclusive, exciting. Games last just over 2 hours. Unlike 11-a-side T20, all players get involved in the game. Batsmen must retire at 50 (but can come back in if the other wickets are lost) Bowlers can only bowl 4 overs and when the 7th wicket falls the 'last mans stands' and bats alone. There's a double play whereby you can lose 2 wickets from 1 ball (If batsmen is caught the non-striker can be run out) Last ball of the innings is worth 12 if hit for 6. ! A game that seems done and dusted can be turned on its head by a single ball!

We set out the field, provide a new ball for each game; provide an umpire, who also scores. All players get a stat for every game with a league, national and world ranking (Last Man stands is played by 30,000 players in 5 countries) so it's just a case of turning up and playing.

Registration Fee

The cost to enter a team for 2014 is £60 (usually £130) Included in this registration fee you will receive 8 ODI Style Coloured Shirts, Team & Individual Profiles on our website and insurance.

The cost per game is £6 per player. This helps us cover the cost of hiring the venue, match balls, umpire/scorer and also stats capture.

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