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Leicester community sports arena
31 Charter Street

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Ian Trott
07981 850025

About Leicester Cobras

Leicester Cobras were formed in 1992 by a group of disabled friends wishing to play wheelchair basketball.

Since being formed the club has become a Registered Charity, grown in numbers, strength, skills and expertise, with members from age 12 upwards. Membership is open to anyone - junior (12 to under 19 years old for Junior League - the age limit for Nation League matches is 14+), adult, male or female, disabled or able-bodied players.

The Cobras are the leading league wheelchair basketball club in Leicestershire and competes in the British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB) National League. The Leicester Cobras are working with other organisations to develop satellite clubs in Leicestershire, the first of which is the new Melton Stallions club which will be entering a new team into the 4th Division this season.

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