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A nature reserve of the site of New Lount Colliery, the shortest-lived colliery in the area, which operated from 1924-1968. In 1997, Leicestershire County Council completed restoration with financial aid from the Government and through European funding.

The reserve offers relaxing walks and extensive views. It includes woodland, grassland and ponds with a wide variety of wildlife.

Three wetland pools near the top of the tip were created in 1986 to safeguard plants threatened by nearby opencasting. Marshland, grassland and waterside plants from that time have now established themselves well. Unimproved grassland which naturally colonised the site when mining ceased is left as open ground and is a haven for grass snakes and bee orchids. Bats hunt over both water areas and the open grassland. The old tarmac areas of the sidings remain intact as a reminder of the site's past - the last deep mine in Coleorton parish which, when closed, ended 500 years of deep mining in the parish.

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