Taster Session Netball

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Taster Session Netball

'FREE' come and try - with an opportunity to join our Social Netball League. This is an opportunity for women (over 18) that have not played since school or has lapsed due to children or other pressures of life

Soar Valley College, Gleneagles Avenue, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 7GY
Val Kindred / lcnadevelopment2022@gmail.com

Taster Session Netball

The aim is for this event is to give women a safe environment to play and get to know others while having FUN! - and hopefully join our league and continue playing whether you're an individual or bring some friends

This event and the League are run by volunteers that are members of 'England Netball'

Taking place on Wednesday 11th October and Wednesday 15th November 2023.

Supporting Documents:

free-2.pdf (PDF, 289 Kb)