Health and Wellbeing for Under 1's

Under-1's should be physically active several times every day. View age specific top tips on how you can encourage your little one to move more.

Physical Activity

Under-1's should be physically active several times every day, in a variety of ways, including interactive floor-based activity (e.g. crawling).

For infants who aren't mobile yet, they should be doing at least 30 minutes of activity across the day (e.g. tummy/floor time/reaching/grasping). It is always important to start slowly and gradually build up to the recommended amount of activity; more is better.

Tummy time may be unfamiliar to babies at first, but this can be increased gradually, starting from a minute or two at a time, whilst the baby becomes used to it. Babies should never sleep on their tummies.

Healthy Tots Let's Get Moving Resources

For age specific top tips on how you can encourage your little one to move more, view the resources below.

Healthy Eating

All children aged six months to four years should be given a supplement containing vitamins A, C and D (unless they're having 500ml or more of first infant formula each day) such as Healthy Start vitamin drops. For more information on Healthy Start vitamin drops please click the image on the left.

Click the image to visit the Healthy Start website

Click the image to view the Weaning Food Fact Sheet

  • When babies are born they only need breast milk, or a suitable formula milk.
  • The Department of Health (DH) recommends exclusive breastfeeding until your baby is six months (26 weeks).
  • Some parents may wish to introduce solid food earlier, but remember that four months (17 weeks) is the earliest age that you should start this.
  • Pre-term babies need to be introduced to solid food according to their individual needs, and the dietitian and medical team looking after your child can help you with this.
  • Your baby should be introduced to a varied diet, alongside their usual breast milk or first infant formula. At around 6 months, foods with a thicker consistency with some lumps can be introduced and soft finger foods can also be introduced at this stage. At 9–12 months - mashed, chopped, minced consistency foods and more finger foods can be introduced. For more information on weaning, please click the image on the right.

Oral Health

Parents/carers should start tooth brushing as soon as the first tooth appears (this usually occurs at around 6 months of age). Starting tooth brushing from an early age will help to ensure that it becomes a habitual part of the child's daily hygiene routine. Please view the resources below for more support on teeth hygiene. To find your local dentist use this helpful search engine.

Additional Resources