Meet Ade

Ade stays active to help reach his weight goals.

Ade from Leicester City

Ade is a proud dad of three incredible kids, who primarily works remotely from home as he cares for his 18-month-old daughter, keeping him grounded most of the time. Recognising the importance of his health and well-being, Ademola has shifted a focus on improving his diet and lifestyle, in an effort to lose weight.

Recently, Ademola has incorporated evening strolls, skipping, and lifting dumbbells into his daily routine to stay active and maintain muscle tone. Joining the Let's Get Moving Champion program aligns with his goals, enabling him to stay on track while inspiring others to take that vital first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Ademola is eager for the opportunity to not only enhance his own health, but also to encourage and support many others throughout Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland on their journey to improved well-being!

Do you want to be active like Ade?