82% of Leicestershire is classed as rural! This means whether you're a seasoned hiker or new to walking, there are plenty of open spaces and routes to explore.

What is Walk Together?

We have a big ambition, we want to inspire people in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to walk more often, particularly those who currently don't incorporate walking into their everyday lives. We want to help you find your own motivation to walk.

Walk Together offers a regular programme of free, sociable, and accessible group walks within Leicestershire and Rutland led by trained volunteer walk leaders. Walk Together is coordinated, developed and delivered via a partnership between Active Together and your Local Physical Activity and Health teams.

Walk Together guided walks are ideal for people who have done little to no exercise in the past. They vary in length, typically between 45 - 60 minutes, on well maintained, flat surfaces. Every walk encourages individuals to go at their own pace, and there will always be a Walk Leader to ensure no one is left behind.

Download our Walk Together Walking Guidebook

Includes top tips to walk more everyday, ideas for family walks, walking with a health condition and much more. Let's Get Moving!

  • Walk Together Walking Guidebook

Want to choose your own walking route?

Sometimes you want to explore a new place by foot and find local routes that you never knew existed.

Choose How You Move have many walking maps and guides for areas across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. These give you the opportunity to find new walks and keep things interesting.

You can also find family walks, historic walks, quizzes, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to walking, where do I start ?

There are lots of walks around Leicestershire ranging in length and ability, see the Walk Together pages for more information on group walks led by our experienced walk leaders.

What if I can't keep up with the group ?

Don't worry, the walk leader will make sure everyone is supported and walking at a pace comfortable to them. The intensity of our walks have been graded based on their length and terrain, ranging from a 30 minute walk or less on flat terrain, ideal for beginners, to up to an hour or more across mixed, hilly terrain, ideal for more experienced walkers. Some groups have a tail walker so you'll never be on your own.

Are the walks fully inclusive?

Full details of each walk can be found on the Walk Together pages.

I have a health condition, can I still participate?

Walking is an excellent form of exercise for your physical and mental health. Walking will help you recover from illness and may support the management of your health condition. If in doubt, please contact your GP for advice before participating.

Do I need to book ?

At present many walks are operating a booking system to ensure latest Government guidelines are adhered to. Visit the individual walks on the Walk Together page for booking specifications.

What if I don’t have enough spare time to join a walking group?

Try and incorporate walking into your daily routine such as your commute to work, journey to school, visit to the shops etc. Even a brisk ten minute walk can make a huge difference to your health.

You could make it sociable by walking with a friend or family member, or set yourself a challenge to log your steps and work towards a personal goal.

What equipment do I need?

The good news is you don't have to wear sports kit or start an expensive fitness programme! All you need are a comfortable pair of shoes, and perhaps a few layers when it gets a bit colder.

You can download the free Active 10 app from One You, which shows how much brisk walking you're doing, where you can increase your pace and fit more into your day.

Are there any good apps I can use on my walks?

Yes! From animal trackers to star hunting. Scroll down to find some of our favourite suggestions below!

Hear from our Walk Together Champions!


The thing that motivates to walk is the feeling of freedom. I love just chucking my essentials (coffee, map, raincoat and plasters) in a bag and heading out. I love unexpectedly seeing a muntjac deer or a beautiful rainbow, I always find something on a walk and love exploring.

My advice to someone just starting out is to find a friendly group or a friend and walk a distance you feel comfortable with. When I first started it was a ten minute walk (that took far longer because of health issues) to the canal. It was just so lovely to be by the water and started me off on walking every day and regaining my health step by step. So chose a small comfortable distance, be with someone or people you feel safe with and go somewhere you would like to go.

I absolutely love being a walk leader, sharing my favourite walks and watching people fall in love with a new and accessible places, seeing the group warmly welcome new people and supporting each other and watching everyone explore and enjoy all of our wonderful spaces (green and urban) in Leicester and Leicestershire. Walking is so therapeutic in so many ways to me and to everyone that joins. It's just a wonderful thing to be part of.

You can find out more about the Women's Walking Group led by Demelza here and ways to get involved yourself here - Women's Walking Group show that LLR Girls Can! | Active Together (active-together.org)


I've always enjoyed walking, especially when life is 'life ing' .

I feel I walk my worries away. The benefits are so sneaky as you don't realise your mood and your health are improving but they are.

Joining a women's walking group helps motivate me and so do the friendships that you'll make along the way...Walking gives me energy...


When I get walking I love to listen to the birds sing and see the seasons change. Along the way I imagine what I can see in the trees or clouds, just letting my imagination runaway. More importantly jumping in muddy puddles on the way home even at 50. For me the walk stops my mind overthinking, calms my anxiety, lifts my spirits, and most of all reminds me SELF MATTERS. If we don't look after ourselves how can we support others.


Walking comes in all shapes and sizes so it really doesn't matter who you are or how fit you feel.

Walking alone, looking and listening fills my head with nature and helps me relax.

Walking with friends is always fun, great to catch up and the miles can pass quickly.

Walking with the wild women's walk leaders has allowed me to walk in new places I've never been, places I didn't know were so special and meet new people along the way.

Sometimes I walk for head space and sometimes I walk quicker for exercise but I always enjoy being outside in the fresh air (come rain or shine, dark or light).


I enjoy being outside and it always makes me feel better.

If you're unsure about getting started, just try one walk, a short loop. After this you can build it up if you want to.

Walking has allowed me to get outside and meet other mums which I really enjoy. It gives us a chance to share our experiences of motherhood 😊

Other ways to get involved

Active Apps

If Ordnance Survey maps aren't for you, why not explore the wealth of new walking apps that exist.

From walk mapping to interactive adventures, whether you're exploring new parts of your local area or venturing further afield to achieve your daily step count, we've rounded up some of the best apps to map and guide you and your family on your way!

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