Meet Anita

Regular physical activity helped Anita overcome her asthma

Anita from North West Leicestershire

Anita enjoyed an active childhood, as she took part in netball, rounders, tennis and cricket throughout primary and secondary school, which continued into her adulthood. Physical activity has always been important to Anita. In her 30's she developed Asthma so started swimming regularly to help combat it. Regular swims increased her fitness which meant she was able to manage the condition and eventually not needing any medication at all.

Being a single parent for many years negatively impacted on her mental wellbeing, and so she used physical activity to boost her mood.

At the age of 43, Anita became an Exercise-to-Music instructor, and quickly realised she wanted to help those who were harder to reach, and as a result, she completed numerous qualifications to become a specialist instructor, delivering activity sessions to young and old people over a 10+ year period.

In her 50s, Anita's activity levels dropped due to work commitments along with both financial and family difficulties. This affected her physical and mental health, and so she quickly realised she needed to make changes to her lifestyle, trying to incorporate as much simple daily activity into her day as possible.

Now in her 60s, happily married and with a new job, Anita has decided to focus on herself more, and take time to enjoy things she likes doing. She started to play tennis again, after not picking up a racket since she was 14. She also enjoys regular swimming sessions and trying out local group activities when she gets a chance and urges other people to make time for themselves and enjoy activities that suit their lifestyle.

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