Meet Hannah

Group exercise has helped Hannah deal with her depression and anxiety

Hannah from North West Leicestershire

Hannah, mum of 2 and 2 angel babies, is a full time primary school teacher, and so her schedule is pretty busy when trying to balance home-life, work-life and her social life at the same time. Despite always wanting to improve her health and fitness, she couldn't find an activity to suit her lifestyle, but this all changed after she discovered an outdoor boot-camp class.

Hannah overcame her anxiety barriers, plucked up the courage and joined the class in August 2021, and has never looked back since! In 2022, her anxiety and depression symptoms worsened, but despite being signed off from work, Hannah still managed to attend the boot camp sessions, which helped her rebuild her confidence and start to enjoy her life again.

The group acts as a support network for Hannah, where she is also able to offer support to the other members, and she stresses the importance of joining a group of like-minded individuals when starting your journey with physical activity.

Without physical activity and the support of the group, Hannah believes she wouldn't be as strong as she is today, and looks forward to what the future has in store.

Her favourite quote is "if I can, so can you; you just have to take the first step".

Do you want to be active like Hannah?