Meet Jim

Despite his age, Jim walks 3 miles a day as part of his routine

Jim from North West Leicestershire

Jim has always enjoyed being outside in the fresh air for work and for pleasure, and has been active since a young age. Jim worked for 20 years as a farm labourer, and then 22 years in the Parks Department for North West Leicestershire District Council based at Whitwick Park, before being forced to take early retirement due to a back injury.

In July 2021, Jim set himself the goal of walking 1,000 miles before his 90th birthday the following year, which he surpassed with ease. He even managed to walk more miles than his car drove!

Jim continues to walk at least 3 miles a day, and mostly walks round his local housing estate. Sometimes, in favourable conditions, Jim and his wife (who although previously was very active sadly now has very limited mobility) enjoy walks together, as they spend time looking at people's gardens and talking to those they meet along the way.

Jim also remains active by washing his car, mowing his granddaughters lawn, doing odd jobs around the house, as well as a bit of gardening. His motivation is to remain both physically and mentally healthy as possible, and believes living an active lifestyle and enjoying regular fresh air will help him achieve this.

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