Meet Laura

Laura wants to inspire those around her to be more active.

Laura from Blaby

Laura has been involved in physical activity from an early age, and tries to be active as much as she can. In 2019, she was involved in a major car accident, which left her with multiple injuries and psychological trauma, preventing her from being active. In 2020, Laura realised that life was too short to be negative, and decided to make a change to her lifestyle.

During lockdown, Laura wanted to help improve people's physical and mental wellbeing, and prevent them from feeling negative, as she once did. As a result, she brought her local community together by organising socially-distanced dance sessions in the street!

After seeing the positive impact she had made on her community with these sessions, Laura decided to start her own business, AMBITION Sports Coaching. She now visits schools and alternative provisions and delivers activity sessions to the next generation, inspiring them to be active and teaching them the importance of exercise.

Despite the physical injuries and psychological trauma that Laura has faced following her accident, she has simply never given up! Being active has not only improved her physical wellbeing, but her mental health too, and she now wants to spread the positive impacts of moving more with local communities, and with children & young people across England.

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Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

Inspiration doesn't always have to come from another person, whilst I look up to many people, what really inspired me to keep going is the fact that I used to struggle with really low mood and after having my accident in 2019, I realised how short life can really be and it pushed me to achieve my dreams and help others to remain positive. My love for sport has never changed so now I participate in and use sport to help maintain others activity levels and positivity. Seeing the impact that it has on others encourages me to keep doing what I am doing.

Where is your favourite place to be active and why?

My favourite place to be active is on a mountain or on a running track. I also love going to the gym.

For you, what is the best by-product of being active?

For me, I gain lots of benefits through being active. It helps me to maintain my positive mindset as well as maintaining a healthy weight.

What is your one top tip for others looking to be more active?

My top tip for others is to always keep going, always find time for the things and the people that make you happy and never give up, that way, you will always achieve results.

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