Meet Sharon

Sharon took the plunge and found a new love for swimming.

Sharon from Melton

Sharon was never active in her childhood and would avoid sport if possible, which continued into her adult life. During lockdown in March 2020, Sharon decided it was time to change her lifestyle and decided to join a Couch to 5K group, and soon began to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of being active. Despite taking up running at a late stage in her life, she has never felt healthy than she does now!

Sharon also enjoys playing football, walking her dogs around her local village and has even began opening water swimming, which she regularly enjoys with friends. She now wants to encourage other local residents to take the plunge and be more active!

Find out more about Sharon

Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

Friends during lockdown inspired me to be more active.

Where is your favourite place to be active and why?

Running around my local villages, the scenery is fab and it's so quiet.

For you, what is the best by-product of being active?

I sleep much better now, and have so much more energy.

What is your one top tip for others looking to be more active?

Start little and often!

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